The Fédération Internationale Willems® offers three training courses, depending on your situation and your experience:

> Your activity has an educational and/or teaching aspect: you can consider taking the training leading to "Certificat d'Initiation Musicale Willems®;

> The "Diplôme Pédagogique d'Education Musicale Willems® is for musicians and instrumentalists involved in music schools
or conservatories

  Barcelona 2018/2019 (CAT) : Diploma 1Diploma 2

  Barcelona 2018/2019 (ESP) : Diploma 1Diploma 2

  Madrid 2018/2019 : Diploma 1Diploma 2 / Diploma 3

  Full d'inscripció / Formulario de inscripción

  Pla de formacióReglament intern / Reglament Pedagogia Pràctica - Vídeos

  Plan de formación / Reglamento interno / Reglamento Pedagogía Práctica - Vídeos

> The "Diplôme Professionnel Didactique" is offered for experienced Willems Diploma holders wishing to invest in the training of teachers.